Adapter plugins

Adapters convert resources from one type to another.

Adapter plugins allow to make drawers resource agnostic, i.e. they allow to use the same drawer plugin with any resource type: from views output to uploaded files or remote resources available over http or other protocols.

Adapters are the key part of the VisualN which provides its flexibility and integration with other Drupal UIs such as fields, blocks or views without coding.


visualn/visualn.api.php, line 118
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Namesort descending Location Description
AdapterBase visualn/src/Core/AdapterBase.php Base class for VisualN Adapter plugins.
AdapterWithJsBase visualn/src/Core/AdapterWithJsBase.php Base class for VisualN Adapter plugins using js.
RemoteCsvToJSArrayAdapter visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/Adapter/RemoteCsvToJSArrayAdapter.php Provides a 'RemoteCsvToJSArray' VisualN adapter. Generally this is a wrapper around DSV Adapter.
RemoteDsvToJSArrayAdapter visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/Adapter/RemoteDsvToJSArrayAdapter.php Provides a 'RemoteDsvToJSArray' VisualN adapter.
RemoteJsonToJSArrayAdapter visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/Adapter/RemoteJsonToJSArrayAdapter.php Provides a 'RemoteJsonToJSArray' VisualN adapter.
RemoteTsvToJSArrayAdapter visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/Adapter/RemoteTsvToJSArrayAdapter.php Provides a 'RemoteTsvToJSArray' VisualN adapter. Generally this is a wrapper around DSV Adapter.
RemoteXmlToJSArrayAdapter visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/Adapter/RemoteXmlToJSArrayAdapter.php Provides a 'RemoteXmlToJSArray' VisualN adapter.


Namesort descending Location Description
AdapterInterface visualn/src/Core/AdapterInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Adapter plugins.
AdapterWithJsInterface visualn/src/Core/AdapterWithJsInterface.php Interface for VisualN Adapter plugins using js.