CKEditor integration

Provides tools to embed Drawing entities into content using CKEditor.

The toolkit provides CKEditor toolbar button and context menu items to embed, create, preview and delete VisualN Drawing entities directly while editing content.

Also it provides a content filter to render embedded drawings.

Embedded drawings are integrated with IFrames toolkit.


visualn/visualn.api.php, line 231
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Namesort descending Location Description
DrawingEmbedListDialogForm visualn/modules/visualn_embed/src/Form/DrawingEmbedListDialogForm.php Build drawing embed form with list of available drawings
DrawingPropertiesDialogForm visualn/modules/visualn_embed/src/Form/DrawingPropertiesDialogForm.php Class DrawingPropertiesDialogForm.
EmbedDrawingFilter visualn/modules/visualn_embed/src/Plugin/Filter/EmbedDrawingFilter.php Provides a filter to display embedded VisualN drawings based on data attributes.