Drawer plugins

Drawers are used to generate drawings markup.

Drawers are the central part of the VisualN ecosystem. They allow to generate any type of markup, clientside (js) or serverside, based on provided data and configuration (or without them). Adapters and Mappers make Drawers resource agnostic. The same drawer can be used to create drawings based on uploaded files data, remote resources, generated data or any other resource type.


visualn/visualn.api.php, line 104
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Namesort descending Location Description
DrawerBase visualn/src/Core/DrawerBase.php Base class for VisualN Drawer plugins.
DrawerWithJsBase visualn/src/Core/DrawerWithJsBase.php Base class for VisualN Drawer plugins using js.
LeafletMapBasicDrawer visualn/modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/Drawer/LeafletMapBasicDrawer.php Provides a 'Leaflet Map Basic' VisualN drawer.
LinechartBasicDrawer visualn/modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/Drawer/LinechartBasicDrawer.php Provides a 'Line Chart' VisualN drawer.
NewsfeedHtmlBasicDrawer visualn/modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/Drawer/NewsfeedHtmlBasicDrawer.php Provides a 'News Feed Html Basic' VisualN drawer.
SlickGalleryBasicDrawer visualn/modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/Drawer/SlickGalleryBasicDrawer.php Provides a 'Slick Gallery' VisualN drawer.
TableHtmlBasicDrawer visualn/modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/Drawer/TableHtmlBasicDrawer.php Provides a 'Table Html Basic' VisualN drawer.
VisualNDrawer visualn/src/Annotation/VisualNDrawer.php Defines a VisualN Drawer item annotation object.


Namesort descending Location Description
DrawerInterface visualn/src/Core/DrawerInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Drawer plugins.
DrawerWithJsInterface visualn/src/Core/DrawerWithJsInterface.php Interface for VisualN Drawer plugins using js.