Raw Resource Format plugins

Raw Resource Formats describe real physical resources used.

Raw resources are the real "stuff" which is converted/translated into a resource object to be used to build a drawing. Due to arbitrary nature of possible physical resources no strict assumptions can be made about their structure, origin or location that would be common for all possible physical (real) resources.

Though every real resource has some common features, namely a set of comprised/provided values/parameters of some nature, expected type of resultant resource object and the way (logic) to convert those input values/parameters into a resource object. These features constitute real resource formats which are implemented in form of Raw Resource Format plugins.

The plugins are commonly used as an entry point into drawing building chain. They are used by VisualN fields to let user explicitly select the format of file or url resource or seamlessly when resource object is created.

Raw Resource Format plugins have "group" key to let modules group formats by some criteria. The "default" group tells that the format should be used to create a resource object of a given type by default. See VisualN::getResourceByOptions() helper.

Each format plugin must have "output" key set in its annotation. It defines the type of resultant resource object produced by the plugin.


visualn/visualn.api.php, line 185
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Namesort descending Location Description
hook_visualn_raw_resource_format_info_alter visualn/visualn.api.php Alter ResourceFormat plugins definitions


Namesort descending Location Description
CSVResourceFormat visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/RawResourceFormat/CSVResourceFormat.php Provides a 'CSV' VisualN raw resource format.
GenericDataArrayFormat visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/RawResourceFormat/GenericDataArrayFormat.php Provides a 'Generic Data Array' VisualN raw resource format.
JSONResourceFormat visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/RawResourceFormat/JSONResourceFormat.php Provides a 'JSON' VisualN raw resource format.
TSVResourceFormat visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/RawResourceFormat/TSVResourceFormat.php Provides a 'TSV' VisualN raw resource format.
XMLResourceFormat visualn/src/Plugin/VisualN/RawResourceFormat/XMLResourceFormat.php Provides a 'XML' VisualN raw resource format.