Builder plugins

Builders are used to compose chain of plugins and create drawing build.

Builder plugins main purpose is to compose a chain from adapter, mapper and drawer plugins and apply it to the input resource object to get a drawing build as a result. Developers can create custom builders that would implement custom logic if DefaultBuilder doesn't fit their needs.


./visualn.api.php, line 91
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Namesort descending Location Description
hook_visualn_adapter_subchains_alter ./visualn.api.php Provide adapters subchain suggestions to be used by DefaultManager chain builder


Namesort descending Location Description
BuilderBase src/Core/BuilderBase.php Base class for VisualN Builder plugins.
DefaultBuilder src/Plugin/VisualN/Builder/DefaultBuilder.php Provides a 'Default Builder' VisualN builder.


Namesort descending Location Description
BuilderInterface src/Core/BuilderInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Builder plugins.