Data generators

Generate data for compatible drawer plugins.

Data generators are typically used as a simple means to prepare data for a drawing or for drawer demonstration purposes. In the latter case Data generators usually automatically generate some random though realistically looking data. From a point of view they may seem similar to Resource providers. Though there are significant differences. Data generators usually create data on their own while Resource providers rely on other parts of the system to get a resource object. As a particualar case, they can rely on Data generators for that. On the other hand, Resource providers may invole complex logic to get a resource depending on its specifics, while for Data generators it is as simple as converting an array into a resource object.


./visualn.api.php, line 231
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Namesort descending Location Description
DataGeneratorBase src/Core/DataGeneratorBase.php Base class for VisualN Data Generator plugins.
LeafletMapBasicDataGenerator modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/DataGenerator/LeafletMapBasicDataGenerator.php Provides an 'Leaflet Map Basic' VisualN data generator.
LinechartBasicDataGenerator modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/DataGenerator/LinechartBasicDataGenerator.php Provides an 'Linechart Basic' VisualN data generator.
NewsfeedHtmlBasicDataGenerator modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/DataGenerator/NewsfeedHtmlBasicDataGenerator.php Provides an 'News Feed Html Basic' VisualN data generator.
SlickGalleryBasicDataGenerator modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/DataGenerator/SlickGalleryBasicDataGenerator.php Provides an 'Slick Gallery Basic' VisualN data generator.
TableHtmlBasicDataGenerator modules/visualn_basic_drawers/src/Plugin/VisualN/DataGenerator/TableHtmlBasicDataGenerator.php Provides an 'Table Html Basic' VisualN data generator.


Namesort descending Location Description
DataGeneratorInterface src/Core/DataGeneratorInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Data Generator plugins.