Drawer Skin plugins

Drawer Skins extend drawer behaviour or change its drawings appearance.

Skin plugins allow to extend drawer behaviour without creating a new drawer. Also skins can be used to change the look or structure of resultant drawings. There is no limit or strict suggestions on how skins should be implemented - it is specific to each drawer or family of drawers. Technically skins are just another type of plugin. Skins may also be divided into types if a drawer allows different types of skins, e.g. one type for resultant drawings appearance and another extending drawer functionality.


./visualn.api.php, line 170
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Namesort descending Location Description
DrawerSkinBase src/Core/DrawerSkinBase.php Base class for VisualN Drawer Skin plugins.
VisualNDrawerSkin src/Annotation/VisualNDrawerSkin.php Defines a VisualN Drawer Skin item annotation object.


Namesort descending Location Description
DrawerSkinInterface src/Core/DrawerSkinInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Drawer Skin plugins.