Mapper plugins

Mappers change data keys to ones used by drawers.

Mapper plugins allow users to set key mapping from ones used in resource to ones expected by drawers.


./visualn.api.php, line 133
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Namesort descending Location Description
BasicTreeMapper src/Plugin/VisualN/Mapper/BasicTreeMapper.php Provides a 'Basic Tree Mapper' VisualN mapper.
DefaultMapper src/Plugin/VisualN/Mapper/DefaultMapper.php Provides a 'Default Mapper' VisualN mapper.
DefaultServersideMapper src/Plugin/VisualN/Mapper/DefaultServersideMapper.php Provides a 'Default Serverside' VisualN mapper.
MapperBase src/Core/MapperBase.php Base class for VisualN Mapper plugins.
MapperWithJsBase src/Core/MapperWithJsBase.php Base class for VisualN Mapper plugins using js.


Namesort descending Location Description
MapperInterface src/Core/MapperInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Mapper plugins.
MapperWithJsInterface src/Core/MapperWithJsInterface.php Interface for VisualN Mapper plugins using js.