Resource providers

Provide Resource objects objects to create drawings.

Resource providers are typically used by Drawing Fetchers or Data Set entities via Resource provider field type. There is not limit on type or types of resources that a given Resource provider may return. It is more about contents of the resource returned (information) than about its type. In this point it differs from Raw Resource Format plugins which also return a resource but are more about format of *raw* resources trying to describe real envorinment than about contents of that raw resources. And also being limited to one specific resource type.


./visualn.api.php, line 215
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Namesort descending Location Description
ResourceProviderBase src/Core/ResourceProviderBase.php Base class for VisualN Resource Provider plugins.


Namesort descending Location Description
ResourceProviderInterface src/Core/ResourceProviderInterface.php Defines an interface for VisualN Resource Provider plugins.